trulife acrylic face mounting

Trulife Acrylic Face Mount

We are proud to offer the best acrylic face-mounts available, TruLife Museum Acrylic Face-mounts.  TruLife Acrylic face mounts are stunning with a luminescent glow unlike any other kind of photo product. Like Optium Museum Acrylic in the custom picture framing industry, TruLife is the only anti-reflective acrylic made specifically for the face mounting. It is anti-reflective, abrasion resistant, anti-static and blocks 99% of uv light.  It is absolutely the best acrylic available.  It also transmits 98% of light passing through it, compared to 92% on standard acrylic.  This allows for extremely deep blacks and rich colors.

trulife acrylic face mounting


  • Anti-Reflective
    TruLife™ is manufactured with a proprietary anti-reflective coating which virtually eliminates distracting reflections and annoying glare associated with other acrylics.


  • Tough, durable, anti-static, and scratch- resistance.
    Unlike other acrylics which attract dust and scratch easily, TruLife™ is anti-static and scratch-resistant. It offers up to 20 times the protection of standard acrylic and stands up to frequent handling and cleaning.


  • Colors as Vivid as Real Life
    TruLife™ Acrylic is formulated to transmit 98% of light in the visible spectrum, resulting in optically brilliant, crisp color vibrancy. It also offers 99% UV Protection that helps protect your photo from fading.

Standard Acrylic

Trulife™ Acrylic

Trulife Acrylic Face Mount

trulife acrylic face mounting

Hahnemuhle Photo Gloss Paper, 1/8”  Trulife Acrylic Face-mount, Brushed aluminum Di-Bond backing, aluminum back-frame, wall cleat.

Your mounted print can be any custom size you would like. This price list represents most common sizes.

Additional options: Raw aluminum backing, white Di-Bond, or 6mm Sintra.

Acrylic Prints Scale Up Art

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