Sintra Print Mounting

Sintra Print Mounting

Lightweight and durable Sintra Expanded PVC is an economical but long lasting choice for mounting your photo & fine art prints. Sintra comes in 3mm or 6mm thickness with black, white, and grey options. We offer UV lamination to protect your print and make it easy to clean, as well as a back-frame for easy of hanging. It is a great option for artists looking for an economical yet modern way to display their artwork.

fine art printing

Lightweight & Ridged

Economical but durable way to display your photos or art.

sintra mounted print


Comes ready to hang with an easy to use cleat.

Acrylic prints

Sizes & Color

Thickness of 3mm, 6mm, and colors in black, white, and grey.

Acrylic Prints Scale Up Art

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