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Film Scanning

Fluid drum scanning is the ultimate way to digitize your film. We offer photographers the best in film scanning with our Heidelberg s3900 drum scanner & Heidleberg Tango drum scanner. Heidelberg drum scanners are considered the best film scanners ever made. Our Heidelberg ChromaGraph S3900 is the king for grain sharpness for black & white negatives and color transparency. For color negative scans we use our 16bit Heidelberg Tango drum scanner.

drum scanning

Why is Drum Scanning the best?

  • Film Size – Any size film up to 16×20 inches can be scanned full frame our drum scanners
  • Shadows and Highlights – The ability to recover highlights and shadow detail like no other scanner
  • Pure, high resolution – No interpolation ultra high resolution scans
  • Grain detail The grain detail and sharpness produced by the Heidelberg S3900 is unsurpassed. Because of the manner in which it is mounted it is will be sharp from edge to edge no matter the size of the film
  • Dust and Scratches – The optically clear scan fluid fills scratches and washes away dust ensuring the light path is not disturbed during the scanning process




Heidleberg Drum Scanning

Heidelberg Tango

The Heidelberg Tango is a 16bit scanner excellent for color negative film. The Tango is also good for color transparencies in need of extensive color post processing.

Scan Size (16 bit)1 scan2-56-1515+
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Heidelberg s3900

The Heidelberg S3900 is the sharpest scanner ever made. Its an 8 bit scanner best for black and white negatives and color transparencies.

Scan Size (8 bit)1 scan2-56-1515+
Over 2gbcallcallcallcall

You can visit our studio in the Dog Patch neighborhood in San Francisco to drop off your film for scanning Mon – Fri: 9:00am-4:30pm
Sat: 12pm – 4pm. We also accept scans via mail to Scale Up Art 1041 25th st. San Francisco, CA 94107.

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Film Scanning in San Francisco

We would be happy to sit down with you to discuss your next project or creative idea at our studio.

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