Artwork Scanning & Reproduction

At Scale Up Art, we excel in delivering unparalleled artwork reproduction services, drawing from over 20 years of expertise and a proven track record of digitizing over 17,000 artworks. Our meticulous approach is exemplified by our highly skilled artwork reproduction technician, JP Jespersen, who leverages his experience with our state-of-the-art museum-quality Hasselblad camera for unparalleled precision. With meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to color accuracy, we ensure that every nuance of your artwork is faithfully captured. Whether your artwork is small or large, our expertise extends to scanning and producing file sizes exceeding 10GB, ensuring every aspect is meticulously preserved. Trust us to deliver flawless artwork scans that capture the essence and beauty of your original masterpiece. 

Scan Size (16bit 300ppi)1 artwork2-56-1010+Final File Size (Approx.)Same Day Scan (appointment required)
250 mb$45$40$36$3120×25 @300ppi or 40×50 @150ppi100% rush fee
500 mb$75$67$60$5228×35 @300ppi or 56×70 @150ppi100% rush fee
750mb$105$94$84$7335×44 @300ppi or 70×88 @150ppi100% rush fee
1gb$150$135$120$10540×50 @300ppi or 80×100 @150ppi100% rush fee
1.5gb$200$180$160$14048×60 @300ppi or 96×120 @150ppi100% rush fee
2gb$265$238$212$18556×70 @300ppi or 112×140 @150ppi100% rush fee
3gb$325$292$260$22770×88 @300ppi or 140×176 @150ppi100% rush fee
Over 3gbEmail for QuoteEmail for QuoteEmail for QuoteEmail for Quote

Drop off your artwork at our studio.

Mon – Fri: 9:00am-4:30pm

Any Size, Any Medium:

  • No artwork is too large or too small for us to scan.
  • We can scan framed or mounted artwork.
  • We offer on site artwork capture at an additional charge.

Lighting Techniques:

  • Differential lighting can be used to accentuate brush strokes and textures in your artwork.
  • Flat lighting can be used to minimize wrinkles and creases in artworks on paper
  • We have developed a technique for optimally capturing metallic paints and surfaces.
  • In some cases cross polarizing can be used to remove glare from thick brushstrokes or high gloss paintings.
  • We correct for lighting falloff and lens vignetting to ensure perfectly even illumination of your artwork.

Print Editions:

  • We offer huge discounts on print editions and quantity orders.

What is included with your artwork capture:

  • We provide you with 3 file types – a high resolution tiff file for printing, a large resolution jpeg file, and a web-sized jpeg file.  We can either upload the files to you or provide them on a USB drive.

Turn Around Time:

General turnaround time is 5-7 days on artwork capture & scanning.

Artwork Capture Example

Size example scanned at 250mb 16bit ($45)

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Why is professional artwork scanning important for giclée print reproduction?

Artwork scanning is crucial for giclée print reproduction as it ensures that the digital file accurately captures the colors, details, and textures of the original artwork. This allows for precise reproduction and the creation of high-quality giclée prints that closely resemble the original.

What types of artwork can be scanned?

Virtually any type of two-dimensional artwork can be scanned for giclée print reproduction, including paintings, drawings, watercolors, pastels, books, photo albums, and photographs. The process is also suitable for capturing textures and details in mixed media artworks as well.

Can artwork scanning capture the texture of the original artwork?

Yes, our artwork scanning techniques can capture the texture of the original artwork to whichever extent you prefer. We can use a variety of lighting techniques to enhance or flatten texture in many different types of artwork. The preference is all yours and we are happy to help facilitate whichever preference you prefer.

Is there any size limitations for my artwork?

At Scale Up Art, we have the capacity to scan artwork of considerable size, with our largest scan to date measuring an impressive 35 feet long and 12 feet high. As long as the artwork can fit into our facilities, there’s virtually no limit to the size we can accommodate for scanning.

Is there a charge for oversized artworks?

At Scale Up Art, our pricing for artwork scans is primarily based on the output size of the digital file required, rather than the physical size of the artwork itself. This approach ensures fairness and transparency in pricing, as clients only pay for the resolution needed for their specific printing requirements. However, for oversized artworks exceeding 40×60 inches, an additional oversized fee may apply due to the specialized handling and scanning processes involved. Rest assured, our pricing structure is designed to accommodate a wide range of artwork sizes and printing needs while maintaining affordability and quality.

Can you scan metallics and reflective surfaces?

Our advanced scanning methods incorporate innovative lighting techniques such as cross-polarization, allowing us to eliminate glare and capture the intricate details of metallic and reflective elements. With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure that every aspect of your artwork shines through with clarity and brilliance, preserving its true beauty for giclée print reproduction.

Can I scan artwork that is framed?

Yes, we have the capability to scan artwork that is framed, including pieces framed under glass or plexiglass without any loss to the detail or color accuracy of your original artwork.

Can I schedule a same day artwork scan?

Yes, we understand the urgency some projects can have. For clients requiring expedited service, we offer same-day artwork scanning for a 100% rush charge. Simply contact us to schedule your scan date, and our dedicated team will prioritize your project, ensuring prompt delivery of high-quality digital files. For larger same-day scan projects, upfront payment may be required.