Artwork Scanning San Francisco

Artwork Scanning & Reproduction

We take pride in offering top-notch artwork reproduction services, backed by our extensive experience of over 17 years and a track record of digitizing over 15,000 artworks. Our highly skilled artwork reproduction technician, JP Jespersen, has perfected the art of museum-quality artwork capture. Regardless of the size of your artwork, we have the expertise to scan it and produce file sizes exceeding 10GB. We understand that achieving the most accurate reproduction requires a deep understanding of each artwork’s unique requirements, and our experienced technician ensures that every detail is meticulously captured. Trust us to deliver a perfect artwork scan that preserves the essence and beauty of your valuable pieces.

Scan Size (16bit 300ppi)1 artwork2-56-1010+Final File Size (Approx.)
250 mb$45$40$36$3120×25 @300ppi or 40×50 @150ppi
500 mb$75$67$60$5228×35 @300ppi or 56×70 @150ppi
750mb$105$94$84$7335×44 @300ppi or 70×88 @150ppi
1gb$150$135$120$10540×50 @300ppi or 80×100 @150ppi
1.5gb$200$180$160$14048×60 @300ppi or 96×120 @150ppi
2gb$265$238$212$18556×70 @300ppi or 112×140 @150ppi
3gb$325$292$260$22770×88 @300ppi or 140×176 @150ppi
Over 3gbEmail for QuoteEmail for QuoteEmail for QuoteEmail for Quote

Drop off your artwork at our studio.

Mon – Fri: 9:00am-4:30pm

Any Size, Any Medium:

  • No artwork is too large or too small for us to scan.
  • We can scan framed or mounted artwork.
  • We offer on site artwork capture at an additional charge.

Lighting Techniques:

  • Differential lighting can be used to accentuate brush strokes and textures in your artwork.
  • Flat lighting can be used to minimize wrinkles and creases in artworks on paper
  • We have developed a technique for optimally capturing metallic paints and surfaces.
  • In some cases cross polarizing can be used to remove glare from thick brushstrokes or high gloss paintings.
  • We correct for lighting falloff and lens vignetting to ensure perfectly even illumination of your artwork.

Print Editions:

  • We offer huge discounts on print editions and quantity orders.

What is included with your artwork capture:

  • We provide you with 3 file types – a high resolution tiff file for printing, a large resolution jpeg file, and a web-sized jpeg file.  We can either upload the files to you or provide them on a USB drive.

Turn Around Time:

General turnaround time is 5-7 days on artwork capture & scanning.

Artwork Capture Example

Size example scanned at 250mb 16bit ($45)

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