Scale Up Art

Other print labs offer high resolution scans on Imacon scanner or Epson flatbed scanner however we use only the highest quality Heidelberg s3900 Scanner for our super high resolution drum scans. Our film scans are industry leading and much higher quality than the competition. San Francisco drum scanning, San Francisco film Scanning, San Francisco film scans, film scanning, drum scanning, Heidelberg drum scan, Heidelberg drum scanning, Heidelberg drum scans. All drum scans are wet mounted which increases the quality of the scan file by a large amount.


Our film scanning department provides the highest quality and resolution drum scanning for your transparencies and negatives. Heidelberg s3900 Drum Scanner. At Scale Up Art we have the absolute best film scanner ever made.  Our fluid mounted scans on the Heidelberg S3900 Drum Scanner provide the sharpest grain detail and can capture a huge dynamic range.  The fluid mounting also fills in scratches and reduces dust to provide a scan that requires much less post processing than non-fluid mount scans.  One of the most important parts in achieving a high quality scan is the skill and experience of the technician.  JP Jespersen has thousands of hours of experience drum scanning.  Mail in or drop off your film today.  We offer huge discounts on high quantity scan needs.  And remember we offer free pickup and/or delivery in San Francisco on orders over $250